Democrats are lying, people are dying

Democrats are lying, people are dying

Facebook is blocking my posts about the dangers of the COVID vaccines. YouTube is also deleting my videos when I talk about how dangerous they are.

Millions of people all over the world are being injured and dying, with almost 1 million dead just in America so far. This is the most deadly and damaging “medicine” in the history of mankind.

People should recognize politicians are dangerous people. Their goals aren’t necessarily to achieve the betterment of mankind. Their concept of making the world a better place is by eradicating people as quickly as possible.

Politicians talk about making the Earth “greener,” yet they do the opposite of that.

– They are digging up trees and burying them!
– They are strip-mining the planet for rare earth minerals, wasting countless miles of land, and destroying habitats and unbelievable numbers of God’s creatures.
– They are creating electric cars with batteries that won’t even last 10 years. When the life cycle of the batteries expires, millions of tons of unrecyclable batteries are buried in poisonous, toxic landfills.
– They have created CO2 scrubbers that remove life-giving CO2 from the planet, making plant life struggle for existence.
– They are blocking the use of natural gas and nuclear power, the cleanest and safest forms of energy on the planet, because they don’t get money from it.

Imagine, if politicians are destroying the Earth like this while claiming to make it a better place, what do you think they’re doing to our bodies?
Politicians are claiming to heal us while they are injuring and killing us!

“It’s extraordinarily important for the American people to know that listen, there is an avalanche of data. This is no longer a theory.

We have Denis Rancourt’s data, one of the preeminent mathematicians and researchers in the world, and he’s clearly shown that this vaccine has killed, killed, 17 million people. The injury-to-kill ratio is 34.4 so globally, (its) killed and injured 602 million people globally.

In the United States, that would translate to approximately 700,000 Americans killed and about 2.5 million injured.

This is an unprecedented injury-to-kill ratio, really in all of medicine, and really in military warfare.”

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