Israel Under Attack

Israel Under Attack

If Israel had the Second Amendment this attack never would have happened.

It is because of the fact their citizens are disarmed Hamas was so successful.

People were told to stay in their homes and they had to watch through the slats of their blinds as Israeli citizens were dragged into the streets, executed and kidnapped.

Hamas sure doesn’t have a problem giving guns to everyone.

Imagine militants walking through your neighborhood, executing your neighbors.

“Due to the fear of terrorists infiltrating Sderot, [residents] should continue to lock themselves in their homes and stay near protected spaces, and not go out for any purpose. Please lock doors and windows and continue to obey instructions,” the city says in a statement.

Armed terrorists are roaming the streets of neighborhoods in Israel without fear because Israeli citizens are unarmed. The best Israel can tell them is to “lock doors and windows.”

Yeah, that’ll stop bullets and bombs.

I screen captured images of Hamas walking through the streets of Israel, unhindered, kidnapping and killing Israeli citizens.

Sitting ducks.

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