War of Attrition

War of Attrition

It’s shocking to me our military commanders don’t understand the concept of a war of attrition.

Simply put, let’s say I have 100 soldiers, you have 10. We go to war. Every day, we each lose 1 man. Ten days later, you have no men left, I still have 90.

Who lost?

Even IF you say Russia is losing just as many soldiers as Ukraine, which is insane, childish propaganda, the population of Russia is over 200 million, while the population of Ukraine is 20 million.

Russia has one of the best economies in the world, their weapons are far superior to anything Ukraine has put on the battlefield, they are well on their way to a 1.5 million man army, they are churning out weapons of war like candy bars, their moral is high and Putin has an 80% favorability rating.

Ukraine has no economy at all, they rely 100% on the generosity of America and the Western world. Though they receive a paltry amount of modern weapons, the majority of their equipment is whatever dregs the Western world needs to get rid of from their aging inventory.

Ukraine has sacrificed the majority of their young, fighting men. A generation of youth has been thrown into the meat grinder. You can’t replace 500,000 20-year-old boys overnight, it takes 20 years!

Russia has no problem recruiting men, or even calling up the draft if necessary. Since day one of this American proxy war against Putin, after killing off many of their primary soldiers, Ukraine has been grabbing men off the streets, throwing them into war after just weeks of training.

Ukraine is out of weapons and they are out of men. No, they will never hit 0, not as long as there are delusional Western leaders who demand an endless war. The military industrial machine must go on.

If you’re an American military commander, you are the knight in Monty Python, claiming victory after his arms and legs are chopped off.

“Come back here, I’ll bite your legs off!