Facebook shut me down again

Facebook shut me down again

Facebook, AKA fascist book once again banned me. Why? Because I posted a graphic which included a statement from the Nazi Joseph Goebbels.

I’m not celebrating Goebbels, A man who was a fascist, Nazi. I’m pointing out the strategy he used to manipulate an entire country into joining him and the Nazis, people who murdered millions and tried to take over the world.

Democrats are always so fond to point at Zelensky saying he can’t be a Nazi because he’s Jewish. They don’t give me the benefit of the doubt that I’m not a Nazi because I’m a Christian Jew.

Facebook didn’t even allow me to provide context to the post. I challenged their ban and they denied me because you’re not allowed to provide any verbal explanation. Most likely the entire system is run by Democrat-controlled artificial intelligence now.

Facebook is controlled by Democrat fascists. It’s a shame so many of us use it as a tool to connect with each other. Fascist Democrats use it to manipulate us and punish us for wrong-think everyday.