Would you let your children cheat? Why let politicians do it?

Would you let your children cheat? Why let politicians do it?

Democrats figured out how to cheat. Just take over the judicial system across America and then rule against everything Republicans do and in favor of everything Democrats do.

They know Americans will do nothing about it. Instead of standing up for decency and demanding the removal of crooked Democrat politicians and judges, we just wait for the next election cycle, where Democrats will cheat again.

Meanwhile, judges will remain in place until the day they die, and they will continue cheating at every opportunity.

Why do you think Democrats are so upset about the Supreme Court? They understand this concept completely.

Everyone knows Trump won the election, everyone. His challengers were thrown back by Democrat judges claiming he had no standing.

What’s nonsense.

Even the uni party Federal Supreme Court blocked him because they were told to get rid of him.

Kari Lake and other Republicans across the country suffered the same fake. Democrat judges blocking recounts and investigations into election fraud.

This will continue until America grows a pair and stands up to the #crookedDemocrats.

We don’t let our children cheat, why do we allow politicians to do it?

Gateway Pundit article