Ukraine’s counter offensive is not going so well

Ukraine’s counter offensive is not going so well

How smart are America, NATO and Ukraine?

NATO had months to prepare a counteroffensive, to keep an eye on Russian movements with satellites and drones.

So riddle me this Batman, why did Ukraine send their troops, our Bradley’s, Germany’s Leopard tanks and all of our other heavy equipment directly into Russia’s fortifications?

For at least 3 months, Russia built up traps, mines and fortifications, specifically in the area Ukraine attacked. And with all our technology we couldn’t see that?

Ukraine’s counteroffensive is failing completely. They’ve already lost 15% to 20% of their equipment and probably close to 10,000 men.

Let’s not forget this happened MILES before the actual front lines. Tanks, men, Bradley’s and all the other equipment, rolled right into a trap without air support and without anti-air support, since it was all destroyed right before the attack.

With complete control of the air and with their drones, Russia took out Ukraine’s artillery and defenses.

Yet Ukraine moved forward with the attack anyway.


If this is their/our strategy, I can’t wait to see what happens when they really commit.

Wouldn’t it be faster to throw a hundred billion of our American dollars into a bonfire?