FBI Whistleblowers Expose The Crooked Democrats

FBI Whistleblowers Expose The Crooked Democrats

CBS calls them “Jim Jordan’s FBI whistleblowers.”

Really? I thought the FBI worked for the American people?

The Democrat controlled media, the Democrat Party and the FBI are all sleeping together, making America one of the most dangerous countries for freedom in the world.

Even before these FBI whistleblowers managed to testify, the Democrat-controlled FBI tried to destroy their lives, the Democrat-controlled media tried to destroy their lives and the Democrats tried to destroy their lives.

Within the first 10 minutes of this broadcast, congresswoman Stacy Raskett continues the propaganda that half of America, those of us who don’t support the Democrat lies, are responsible for “domestic terrorism.” She continues pushing the narrative that January 6th was an “insurrection,” even though we know Democrats lied and they set up the American people.

You really don’t even have to listen to the testimony from the FBI whistleblowers to recognize how vile Democrats are. Just listen to Raskett’s opening remarks, you’ll get it.

This is America today, and if you voted for Joe Biden, you helped make it happen.