FedNow is launching in July. It’s the beginning of Chinese-style, complete control over all of us.

I put a link down below where you can read more about this at the federal government’s FedNow website.

John Berlau wrote about the danger of FedNow 3 years ago.

In my report, I discuss concerns about privacy, data security, currency manipulation, and crowding out private-sector competition and innovation. On the latter point, both FedNow and proposals for Fedcoin likely exceed the Depository Institutions Deregulation and Monetary Control Act of 1980, which restricts the Fed from offering new payment services and technologies if the private sector is already providing these financial products.

The next step is the CBDC, the central bank digital currency. When that is implemented, the process of removing cash from the marketplace will be finalized.

When FedNow and CBDC are complete, Democrats will decide who will get money, when it will be available to us, who will be allowed to buy anything, who will be allowed to travel and so on.

Again, complete, Chinese-style, communist control over American citizens.

Why do you think they didn’t want us buying cryptocurrencies? Because they have no control over them.

If you haven’t done it yet, buy Bitcoin or Ethereum and gold and silver. I’m not saying sink every dime you have into it, buy some of it, something of value the government can’t control.

Patriots all over America are being punished by Democrats for thinking differently than them. Imagine what it will be like when Democrats control all of our money.

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