Riley Gaines attacked, her attackers are congratulated

Riley Gaines attacked, her attackers are congratulated

No Justice, just us.

Riley Gaines was attacked by a bunch of student, Democrat fascists. She was forced “to lock herself into a room for fear of her life.”

Then they held her hostage and demanded money in exchange for her safe passage off of the San Francisco State University.


Riley IS a real woman and athlete and deserves respect, privacy in women’s spaces, and the right to compete in her sport against biological women only.

Not only does Democrat leadership not speak out against Democrat terrorism, San Francisco State University applauded their terrorist “activists.”

“Thank you to our students who participated peacefully in Thursday evening’s event. It took tremendous bravery to stand in a challenging space.”

If they murder, they’re released from jail. If we kill someone in self-defense, we go to jail.

If they have an illegal gun, like Hunter Biden, yawn. If we used a gun legally defending ourselves, they throw us in jail.

It is strange how Americans are perfectly okay with being treated like criminal peons by fascist, tyrannical leaders.

Our American, fascist government cranks up our retirement age, yawn. Meanwhile, Germany, France, Greece and other countries are rioting because their fascist governments did the same.

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