“If you don’t behave they can turn your money off

“If you don’t behave they can turn your money off

Why do governments not like cryptocurrencies? Because it gives you control over your money, and they can’t have that!

With cryptocurrency you can take your digital money to any country and spend it on anything you want. The governments of the world want complete control over every dime you own, and they can only do that through government controlled digital currencies.

If you haven’t heard of the push towards the CBDC, (Central Bank digital currency) welcome to modern America.

Do you know what’s happening on Monday, April 1st, 2023? The National Park services in America stop accepting cash. If you don’t have a credit card, sorry sucker, no National Park for you! This is a big step toward digital currency.

FedNow, a massive Federal Reserve payment system is becoming reality in July. It will eventually culminate in the CBDC.

The digital dollar is here. Many people said it wouldn’t happen and now people are thinking “what’s the big deal?”

Right, who cares if the government has 100% control over every dime you own?

Who cares if the government can take away your digital cash if you don’t believe what they believe?

Who cares if the government implements a social credit score that determines when you can use your money and what you can spend it on?

Many of you are thinking “that’s just for bad people, I’m a good person so I don’t have to worry about it.”

You’re dreaming.

Who cares if our government implements:

“expiring money, one whose value falls to zero after a specific date, is a potential monetary policy tool. ‘Programability,’ a technical feature made possible by digitization, can accelerate decisions to spend it, making it a very effective means for stimulating consumption.”

America’s economy is collapsing and our government has spent every dime and more. Our current debt to GDP is 134%. Imagine if you try to spend a $1.34 yet you only make a dollar. How long do you think you could get away with that? Not as long as the government.

Russia, China and many other countries are forming an alliance called BRICS, BRAZIL, RUSSIA, INDIA, CHINA AND SOUTH AFRICA. Those aren’t the only countries who will be participating in the new reserve currency, many others have pledged or expressed interest to join.

South African Foreign Minister Naledi Pandor has said worldwide interest in the BRICS group was “huge.” In early March, she told television interviewers that she had 12 letters from interested countries on her desk.

“Saudi Arabia is one,” she said. “United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Algeria, and Argentina,” as well as Mexico and Nigeria.

Peter Schiff said;

The Petrodollar’s days are numbered. China will not likely be paying for Saudi oil in US dollars.

Monica Crowley says:

The fact that oil has always been traded in dollars, if that were to end, that would mean the end of the US dollar.

The first major transaction using the new global reserve currency, the Chinese yuan, took place last week. No, it wasn’t Russia, India or any of the other Eastern countries you are thinking of who made the purchase, it was France, buying 65,000 tons of liquid natural gas from China.

“Beijing and Brasilia have signed an agreement on trade in mutual currencies, abandoning the US dollar as an intermediary, and are also planning to expand cooperation in the field of food and minerals.

According to media reports, the deal will enable the two BRICS members to conduct their massive trade and financial transactions directly exchanging renminbi for real and vice versa instead of using the greenback for settlements.” -Jeffrey Sachs

Our government knows the days are numbered for the dollar as the global reserve currency and they’re preparing for that.

Politicians and banks want to control every penny we own, and by getting rid of cash they can do that.

  • “If you don’t behave they can turn your money off” -Catherine Austin Fitts

People can’t handle the truth so they don’t want to know the truth.