Freedom of speech? Not if you’re Christian, patriot or Republican.

Freedom of speech? Not if you’re Christian, patriot or Republican.

For 20 years I have seen obnoxious demons like this stopping freedom of speech in a country where it’s supposed to be protected.

They are more emboldened because they wear masks, so the last 3 years makes it look normal and it’s nothing new for them.

They show up with bullhorns and whistles at Republican events and they are so loud it harms our hearing and it blocks our message.

Demons are allowed to do this because most city police officers are also demons, and they work for the demonic Democrat party, not for all American citizens.

They show up in schools, libraries and everywhere we hold events and they shut us down. We aren’t allowed to do anything to defend or protect ourselves, or defend our right to freedom of speech. If we do anything to them we will go to jail.

The Republican party does nothing to stop them.

Until this changes, freedom of speech for Republicans will continue to be blocked.

One year, five of these Democrat demons stood in front of the Supreme Court, in the middle of the road, stopping 1 million people from marching to defend babies from being murdered in the womb. It took 45 minutes to get rid of them because Washington DC is a corrupt, evil, Democrat-controlled city.

Click here to read the article at the Gateway Pundit about this demon blowing the whistle in a woman’s ear, physically injuring her without anyone doing anything about it.