Ignoring, while sponsoring one of the largest wars in history

Ignoring, while sponsoring one of the largest wars in history

I will start this off with a message I have said repeatedly, Ukraine is not our ally, so why are we spending over $100 BILLION dollars defending their borders while none defending our own?

Russia is defending themselves from the Ukrainian Nazis, America and Europe.

America continues to pour hundreds of billions of dollars into the most corrupt country in Europe, and millions of dollars make their way back into the hands of American politicians, Democrats and Republicans.

America is paying billions of dollars on top of what we’re sending to Ukraine to provide intelligence and information systems to the Nazi Ukrainian government.

– We are flying drones on the border of Russia, intimidating them.

– We are flying U2 spy planes along their border, intimidating them.

– We are staging tens of thousands of American soldiers on the border of Russia, intimidating them.

– We blew up their gas pipeline and continue to threaten them.

– America is sending ships closer to Russia and China, intimidating them.

– America has threatened to shoot down Russian jets.

– America has threatened to assassinate President Putin.

– America is sending tanks and every type of weapon we own to Ukraine. Europe is doing the same.

– Europe is going to start sending fighter jets and helicopters.

– last week, Europe threatened to go to war directly with Russia if Ukraine loses.

– for 8 years Ukrainian Nazis raped, murdered and intimidated Ukrainian Russian citizens.

– violating the Minsk agreement, Ukraine was actively pursuing membership of NATO.

– NATO members including America and European leaders, openly admitted they were never going to honor the commitments in the Minsk agreements, admitting they were using the time to train and rearm Ukraine.

Ironically, duplicitous John Kirby, White House National security council spokesman, said the other day America would not agree to a ceasefire because he said Russia would take the time to rearm and stage troops.

Imagine that, our American “national security council spokesman” is admitting we are directly at war with Russia and we will not negotiate peace with them.

Our politicians, military and propaganda media say we’re helping destroy Putin, who attacked Ukraine “for no reason,” and sheeple just nod in agreement.

Russia is preparing for nuclear war. They’ve activated their nuclear bombers, attaching long-range refueling systems, which were removed thanks to Reagan and the strategic arms limitation treaty.

They’ve surrounded Moscow with medium range anti-aircraft and anti-missile systems, preparing to defend their capital city from an American attack.

All over Russia, defenses are being activated in preparation of an attack by America and NATO.

Russia has called up another 400,000 troops, bringing their active duty military up to over 1 million men.

Putin’s approval rating is over 80% and Russia enjoys one of the best economies in the world. America’s economy is collapsing and our debt to GDP is 135%.

America and Europe are struggling with our energy needs. Russia has so much they can sell it to the rest of the world.

We couldn’t go to war if we wanted to. We don’t have enough soldiers and we don’t have enough ammunition. If this war goes to the next step, it won’t be Russia who launches nuclear weapons first, it will be America.

The American sheeple continue munching on the grass, willfully ignorant to the realities of a world that’s on the edge of nuclear war.

Click here to watch the American military propaganda video, lying about Russia attacking Ukraine for no reason, trying to make you feel patriotic about us being at war with them.