Biden “Can’t Recall” If. He Spoke To Mayor Of Palestine, Ohio

Biden “Can’t Recall” If. He Spoke To Mayor Of Palestine, Ohio

Yet another example of how Democrats have weaponized our federal government against us. When Republicans suffer, Democrats say “sucks to be you.”

“Biden: ‘Can’t Recall’ if and ‘Don’t Think’ I’ve Talked to East Palestine Mayor, ‘I’ve Talked to Everyone There Is to Talk to’”

Then there’s the horrible talk show host from The View, Joy Behar, who blamed the citizens of Palestine for their tragedy, saying it’s their fault they are suffering because they voted for Trump.

Next you have the situation of FEMA and the EPA not even taking this situation seriously. They refuse to do the proper analysis of the toxins that are in the area. They also won’t release federal funds to help people.

If this were a Democrat town or city they would be spending billions of dollars within an hour to help the people.

Scientists have said no one should be living in that area until they find out how bad it is.

America is housing MILLIONS of illegal aliens in fancy hotels and other accommodations, while Republican-voting American taxpayers have to sleep on contaminated soil, hoping they and their children don’t die from the poison.

Right after one of the biggest disasters in America’s history, Joe Biden flew to Ukraine, a country that is not even a member of NATO or an official ally of America, and told them he was giving them another $500 MILLION, on top of the $120 BILLION dollars he already pledged.

Has he promised $1 to the people of Palestine, Ohio?

No, because they voted Republican, no federal dollars for them.

This is criminal, and it’s bad enough we have to suffer under these situations with Democrats. It’s worse that the uni-party Republicans don’t do anything about it. Whenever something like this happens, RINO Republicans just say “vote for us and it won’t be as bad.”

See what you want about President Trump, he’s the only one who cares about all Americans. He spent his own money providing the citizens of Palestine, Ohio with water and other supplies. When people pulled up to get urgently needed help, Trump didn’t ask them what party they belonged to.

One thing’s for sure, if you vote for a libertarian, Democrat or a RINO, you get what you voted for, selfish politicians who only care about power, not America.

If a politician won’t say if they want to make America great again, don’t vote for them.

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