What’s for dinner honey? We have some yummy, toxic, vinyl chloride today. Eat up!

What’s for dinner honey? We have some yummy, toxic, vinyl chloride today. Eat up!

The question is not only “what happens to the people in Palestine, Ohio and the surrounding area,” the question is also “what the heck happens to all the farms around there?!”

What about the chickens? The beef? The eggs? The vegetables?

You do realize the TOXIC POISON hanging in this clouds came down and polluted the land 200 miles from accident, don’t you?Y

You saw the videos of them stirring the water and showing you the toxins coming up from the bed of the streams, right? What do you think is in the soil where our food is grown?

From where do the farmers get their water for the crops and their animals? These polluted streams and rivers will affect farmland hundreds of miles away from Palestine, Ohio, for many years!

How dangerous is vinyl chloride?

“people have known about the toxicity of vinyl chloride on the liver since 1930, when the very first study into the compound’s safety found that just one single short-term high dose of vinyl chloride could cause liver damage in test animals. More recently, a 2019 study found that in a cohort of nearly 1700 workers in an Italian vinyl chloride plant, almost one in three deaths that occurred were from some form of liver cancer or cirrhosis.”

Sounds bad, right? Well that’s not all!

“The problems don’t stop at just that organ. Vinyl chloride is now known to be mutagenic: it can cause chromosomal aberrations and DNA damage via sister chromatid exchange, as well as mutations to specific genes associated with increased cancer risk.”

This train accident is probably the most toxic spill in American History, and Joe Biden’s FEMA refuses to go down there and check things out.o

You’ve heard of “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me,” after everything we’ve been through the last 3 years, are we really going to say we are that stupid, AGAIN?

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