The biggest cover up the world has not yet seen

The biggest cover up the world has not yet seen

101 page Whistleblower document exposes the damage done to our soldiers by the shots.

Democrats and globalists pushed out a dangerous vaccine, which isn’t even a vaccine, and injured millions while killing thousands of people around the world. When I tried to post information on this on YouTube and Facebook, they blocked my accounts and banned me.

These aren’t just criminal actions, this is criminal conspiracy to cover up crimes against humanity. Unfortunately the Republicans today are members of the uni-party, doing nothing to stop the danger we are experiencing.

The injuries and death aren’t just happening to our soldiers, they’re happening to us! The CDC, a private corporation, has been hiding this kind of information ever since the shots came out.

Will the sheeple of the world finally wake up?

Click here to read the Gateway Pundit article. It will make you angry.