Are you confusing hyperbole with reality?

Are you confusing hyperbole with reality?

This is long. It’s meant for people who don’t have a 20 second attention span and who want to know what’s going on overseas.

Russian general now says as soon as Western tanks touch Ukrainian soil, Russia will call up a full general mobilization of their military might.

According to intelligence sources in Russia, Lieutenant General Andrei Gurulev told President Vladimir Putin that:

“As soon as German tanks appear on Russian soil, Russia wil have no choice but to announce a general

The General went on to tell President Putin that “German tanks are a clear violation of World War II
demilitarization pacts.”

Putin reportedly responded to the General by saying that “German tanks entered Russian territory once
before and cost Russia 27 million dead.”

Intelligence sources (and there are many) now confirm that Germany’s decision to send tanks to Ukraine to use against Russia will trigger an unimaginable response from Russia.

Russian sources report that Russia told Germany that this “is a Red Line” and “And World War III is bound
to happen after this.””

I’ll tell you this, as fast as we send tanks and modern military equipment to Ukraine, Russia will destroy them, like the billions of dollars of military equipment we’ve already sent over.

Unlike America & the Western world, Russia is not only prepared for war, they are fully engaged. They are also preparing for a full-on war with the west.

Willfully ignorant, naive and uninformed Americans and Western people aren’t paying attention to how our Western warmongers are pushing us into war.

“In a brief statement to NachDenkSeiten, former SPD Schröder government minister and former “Die
Linke” leader Oskar Lafontaine warns of tank deliveries and further escalation of the conflict in Ukraine being yet another German voice that warns for the “holocaust” that is faintly visible on the horizon!

The aim is apparently to drag Germany into war with Russia, while at the same time, Lafontaine warns of a
Washington-London-Warsaw-Kyiv axis that will determine NATO’s future actions

Lafontaine writes:
“The Americans want to immobilize Germany and demand the surrender of the Leopard main battle tanks. The British deliver some Challenger 2 tanks to put pressure on Germany. The Poles say they want to deliver the Leopard tanks even if Germany doesn’t grant the approval.”

Political bigwig Lafontaine warns against buying into the illusion spread among German politicians and
the German media: This is not about the well-being of Ukraine.

“When will the warmongers of politics and journalism take it for granted? For decades, the US has been
saying that Ukraine should become its outpost to dominate the Eurasian continent.

And that’s why the US has been arming Ukraine for years. And that is why The Rand Corporation already
wrote in 2019: “The supply of lethal weapons by the US to Ukraine will increase the cost in blood and
money for Russia.”

Scientists who monitor the Doomsday scenario of the world just moved the Doomsday clock to 90 seconds before midnight. It has never been this close to midnight before.

Are you confusing hyperbole with reality?