Drone Warfare in Ukraine

Drone Warfare in Ukraine

It was obvious a long time ago drones were going to be used in war. In Ukraine we’re seeing them being used more and more every day.

Russia has already used hundreds of suicide drones to take out expensive military equipment. A drone that costs $20,000 easily eliminates American and Western military equipment that costs a million dollars.

Nice trade.

They are also being used for artillery spotting. You might say they were born for this. Otherwise you have to fly planes overhead or have people sneak up on the enemy.

Since Ukraine’s anti-air warfare systems have almost been completely eliminated, Russia can linger overhead with drones all day and all night, spotting the enemy to determine movement strategy and telling the artillery which way to go.

Russia is using drone swarms to saturate the air with decoys and suicide drones. As the Ukrainian ground to air systems attack the decoys, the suicide drones hit their targets. They also use this as a tactic to force Ukraine to turn on their radar. Then those radar systems are destroyed.

Ukraine releases plenty of propaganda, lying to us about what they’ve supposedly destroyed. Russia releases footage from the drones everyday, so we know what’s really happening.

Drones are going to become the most important weapons used in war for a while, especially in Ukraine. I expect Russia will develop drones with machine guns so they can shoot down Ukrainian drones.

This is the action report from Russia for today. This is what they have eliminated so far.

In total, 372 airplanes and 200 helicopters, 2,873 unmanned aerial vehicles, 400 air defence missile systems, 7,486 tanks and other armoured fighting vehicles, 979 fighting vehicles equipped with MLRS, 3,813 field artillery cannons and mortars, as well as 8,019 units of special military equipment have been destroyed during the special military operation.

What they don’t tell you is how many people have been killed or injured. Right now Ukraine has lost over 150,000 men with at least 400,000 wounded. This is a slaughter of epic proportion. You wouldn’t know that if you watch the mainstream media.

Russia’s did probably numbers at least 30,000. A Ukrainian soldier said they were losing men at a rate of five to one. And American commander who was there with the group Mozart says it’s more like 8 to 1 right now. That’s just staggering!

The Western world has now decided to send heavy tanks and major offensive weapons. Talk about too little too late. Russia will destroy them as soon as they start rolling across the ground.