December Arctic outbreak, extreme cold, blizzards and snow, all the way down to Mexico

No, this has absolutely nothing to do with climate change. Democrats/liberals (globalists) are now pretending the cold that is spreading around the world is because of global warming. Who is dumber, the idiots who are telling us this or people who believe it?

For the last 40 years globalists have been lying to the world that human caused CO2 has been destroying the planet. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Over the years they’ve been feeding us garbage about natural disasters becoming worse, destroying more property and killing more people. The funny thing is they have absolutely zero proof to support their lies.

Look at this chart from Tucker Carlson’s show, “Global annual death rate from natural disasters, by decade.”

What do we see? The number of deaths from natural disasters has gone down exponentially since the 1920s.

Obviously, the globalists are lying. More people aren’t dying from human caused climate change, which they can’t even prove exists!

For the last 40 years so-called scientists just say they are scientists and that we should believe them no matter what they say. Whether they’re talking about diseases or the weather, they say “don’t pay attention to the facts, just listen to us because we are scientists!”

And the sheeple of the world believe it.

I don’t understand how billions of people can be so ignorant.

The world is not warming, it’s cooling, and it has been for a long time. As a matter of fact, the Earth has been cooling for over 8,000 years! Don’t take my word for it, look at the temperature records from the ice cores over the last 10,000 years.

It’s obvious we are heading into another ice age, yet the alarmist, globalists would have you believe otherwise. They point to that little blip at the end and say the Earth is boiling. What do they not tell you? It was warmer in the 30s, yet they eliminated those heat records so it would look hotter today.

Check out this chart from

You can clearly see the 30s and 40s were much warmer than today, way before industry, cars and cow farts!

The globalists are lying to us because there’s lots of money to be made with fear porn. ?

Look at this chart brought To us by our own lying American government.

Compare it to the ice core data chart at the top. Obviously our globalist-controlled government is lying to us.

A statement from that government website reads:

Throughout its 4.54-billion-year history, Earth has experienced multiple periods of temperatures hotter than today’s. But as far as the “recent” past, a study published in March 2013 concluded that global average temperature is now higher than it has been for most of the last 11,300 years.

Let’s follow the link to that so-called study published in 2013. A website titled “Science” says:

The pattern of temperatures shows a rise as the world emerged from the last deglaciation, warm conditions until the middle of the Holocene, and a cooling trend over the next 5000 years that culminated around 200 years ago in the Little Ice Age. Temperatures have risen steadily since then, leaving us now with a global temperature higher than those during 90% of the entire Holocene.

Pay attention to the last words of the last sentence, “leaving us now with a global temperature higher than those during 90% of the entire Holocene.”

Not higher than the Holocene, higher than 90% of the entire Holocene.

You can see the obvious lies right away with that statement. Again, if you look at the following chart again, the actual ice core temperature chart, you can see recent temperatures didn’t even come close to being higher than the entire Holocene, not even in the top 1%!

For the last 40 years Al Gore and the globalists said there would be no snow, the Earth would heat at an unprecedented rate, oceans would rise 100 ft and so on and so on. None of it has come true.


The real “Inconvenient Truth” is that globalists can make up whatever the hell they want, because there are so many billions of people in the world they will fall for whatever shiny object is dangled in front of them.

If you haven’t found Electroverse yet, I strongly encourage you to visit that website regularly. As a matter of fact, I will list a few websites that will provide you with truth, instead of globalist propaganda.

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