Unfair treatment to men in the name of equality

House passes “let’s pay women more money just because they’re women” bill.

What’s next? Are female interns going to make as much as CEOs of corporations? Don’t laugh, I can see this and more happening.

If a female soccer team is only bringing in 10 million dollars yet they have to pay their women players $20 million dollars, how much longer will they be in business?

Female soccer players have 1/10 of the audience as male soccer players. That’s just the way it is, it has nothing to do with anyone being unfair to the players.

Where do you think the money is going to come from? They’re going to steal it from us, that’s where. Democrats never worry about money, they steal it from everyone else.

Democrats have no common sense, they don’t care about being fair and they certainly don’t have any honor.

The next thing you know they will be paying ball girls as much as professional male athletes and they will be paying mailroom clerks as much as presidents of corporations.

Gateway Pundit article