Climate Change Brainwashing

Climate Change Brainwashing

Did you know 70% of our youth today are “extremely worried” about climate change?

According to the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP27:

  • Young people are increasingly at the forefront of climate change activism.
  • Around 70% of people aged 16-25 are extremely worried or very worried about the climate, according to a study covering 10 countries and published in The Lancet.
  • The percentage was even higher in many developing countries that are expected to face the worst consequences of climate change.

Seriously? Your telling me there are at least 70% of the youth aged 16-25 in these countries who are extremely worried or very worried about the climate?

Liberals/Democrats are destroying everything because of their control of the media. They can make up whatever boogieman they want and manipulate the world. Because they can, they are destroying freedom, peace, safety, trust and so many more things around the world.

By 2007, America had almost gotten rid of hundreds of years of racism. Democrats couldn’t have that! To become president in 2008, Barack Obama went on one of the largest racism promotion sprees in the history of the world. He brought back video footage from the ’60s showing fire hoses spraying down black people and dogs being sic’d on women and children.

Obama painted Republicans as racist rednecks who only wanted to relive the glory days of the KKK.

The funny thing is, Democrats are the party of the KKK. Democrats are the party of racism. It was a Democrat governor who sprayed blacks with hoses and sic’d the dogs on them.

Democrat Senator Robert Byrd was not just a member of the KKK, he was also one of the leaders of that racist group.

That’s okay, the Democrat-controlled media can fix everything, and they always do.

Why do Democrat politicians get away with dating Chinese spies?

Because they can.

Why do Democrat politicians get away with black-face and dressing like members of the KKK?

Because they can.

Why do Democrats get away with constantly stealing elections?

Because they can.

The double standards are across the board. They attacked President Trump for being old, yet Joe Biden, who is obviously in the midstages of dementia, is given a pass.

If a Republican is caught having an affair, the Democrat media screams for him to be removed from office. If a Democrat is caught, they say they say the woman is lying. If that doesn’t work, they say he shouldn’t leave because his work is too important for the American people.

After 2 years of lies and tyranny with covid and the vaccine, Democrats continue their insane policies with their next big project, climate change.

Though they have no actual proof of our climate changing because of man, they have already have managed to siphon trillions of dollars out of our pockets and redirect them into their pockets.

Democrats are the most vile politicians in the world, they are the best thieves and crooks in the world.

Democrats used our media to manipulate our children everywhere. Most of them believe the world is coming to an end because of greedy human beings who want to stay warm and have energy rather than allow the Earth to be free from us.

Democrats lied that hurricanes are getting stronger and that we have more of them. They aren’t, we don’t. Democrats lied that tornadoes are getting more powerful and that we’re having more of them. They aren’t, we don’t. Democrats lied that the Earth’s temperature has changed drastically. It hasn’t. Democrats lied claiming ocean levels are rising an incredible rates. They aren’t.

Those things and many more are in the school books in our public and private schools, and our teachers, who are primarily Democrats, are forcing this garbage down the throats of our children.

No matter where our children learn, they are indoctrinated. Cartoons, internet sites, games, kids shows, teen shows, documentaries and books are just some of the tools Democrats use to brainwash our youth.

Democrats don’t teach what it means to be a man or a woman, they teach that nobody knows who or what they really are.

Democrats don’t teach about the strength of a man, a woman and their family, they teach it doesn’t matter who you’re with, as long as you’re happy.

While elitist Democrats brainwash our children about the rising oceans, they buy oceanfront property.

While elitist Democrats brainwash our children about their carbon footprint, each one of them consumes 26,000 TIMES MORE CARBON than every citizen on the planet.

While elitist Democrats make our children feel guilty about heating their homes, they live in luxury, with no thought about turning down their thermostats.

It’s bad enough 70% of our youth have been brainwashed with climate change, what we really should realize is that it didn’t stop there.

Democrats used our schools and our entertainment media to create a generation of whiny, angry, sniveling complainers who want to take what others have to make their lives better. These self-righteous, obnoxious snowflakes will be in charge one day.