Processed food is as bad as cigarettes?

Processed food is as bad as cigarettes?

We have not only become guinea pigs for vaccines, we are now pigs, consuming whatever slop big business plops in our buckets.

Imagine, researchers say:

“They are not foods anymore. These are these products that have been really well designed to deliver addictive substances.”

Daily Mail adds:

“The researchers want the marketing of these foods to children to be restricted, the same way nicotine advertising cannot be directed at kids. But they have stopped short of calling for an outright age ban.”


“America’s obesity crisis has largely been tied to the prevalence of ultra-processed foods. The foods are believed to make up around 50 per cent of the American diet.

As a result, around 70 per cent of Americans are obese according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), with 40 per cent classed as obese.”

Scientists argue “Highly-processed foods should be reclassified as drugs because they are as addictive and harmful as cigarettes”

People of the world have gotten too trusting. There is powerful collusion between rich business people and our politicians. Things aren’t necessarily safer, they’re just more cost-effective and addictive.

Take the airlines for example. For many years, airplanes were crashing and hundreds of people were dying because it was too expensive to fix the problems that caused the planes to crash. The reasoning of big business was “why spend a lot of money when only a few people are going to die?”

Big business doesn’t care if you, your children or your loved ones get sick and die. They only care about their bottom line.

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