To those who believe Ukraine is winning

To those who believe Ukraine is winning

I think the fact over 100,000 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed compared to 10 – 15,000 Russian soldiers speaks for itself. Add at least 300,000 injured Ukrainian soldiers, many seriously.

Russia is engaged in a war of attrition and they are winning big time. This is one of the biggest slaughters in the history of wars yet you believe your own propaganda which tells you Ukraine is winning.

Remember, in the beginning of the war Russia had a little over 100,000 soldiers, half of which were local militias, against a Ukrainian standing army of 600,000 men. I’m confident you know enough about war to know when you go to war, you go with three to one advantage, not one to six disadvantage.

Now that Russia has called up 300,000 reservists, it’s safe to say they’re getting ready to wrap it up.

Ukraine has no weapons, only those provided to them by America and Western nations. The same goes for ammunition.

The garbage American and Western propaganda says Russia is running out weapons and ammunition. They say Russians are going broke and are protesting against Putin, our media claims Russian soldiers are deserting and crying and they claim the Russian economy is a collapsing.

All lies.

The Russian economy is one of the best in the world. Sanctions have done nothing to harm them. They have plenty of food and energy and a high standard of living.

Russia has countless thousands of tanks, personnel carriers, helicopters, jets and every other piece of military equipment you can think of. Unlike America and the west, Russia has hypersonic missiles that can hit targets seconds from launch across massive distances. Russian anti-air weapons are the best in the world.

Russian soldiers aren’t weak or crying that they’re going off to war, they’re proud to serve their country.

America provides Ukraine with military and civilian satellite and internet support. We provide them with intelligence, weapons and guidance systems, yet they are still dying 10 to 1.

Russia allowed Ukraine to enjoy heat and electricity until recently. After Ukraine started attacking civilian Russian facilities, Russia put down the hammer and knocked out their energy nationwide. Millions of Ukrainians are now having to go to other countries.

Russia just folded four massive regions into Russian territory after the people in those regions voted to join Russia. Russia just gained a land mass equivalent to the size of Ireland.

What about the cost to Western nations? The price of gas has doubled or tripled, the price of energy has skyrocketed, forcing millions of people to freeze because of our hatred for Russia.

While we pursue idiotic policies to get rid of oil and gas, Eastern Nations are enjoying the benefits of unlimited resources. Their economies are doing excellent, they have plenty of cheap heat and air conditioning.

European citizens are rioting by the millions, storming the streets in their anger against stupid policies that make life difficult for average citizens, while politicians, millionaires, oligarchs and billionaires enjoy a life of luxury.

Western economies have been driven to the brink of collapse because of tyrannical and idiotic liberal policies. Inflation is out of control with no end in sight. The almighty dollar is at risk of falling from its perch as America pursues suicidal economic policies.

Western Nations have shut down free speech, blocking citizens from discussing everything that harms the liberal/Democrat new world order. Accounts of mine have been deleted while the others are being threatened with the same. Democrat-controlled social media actually sent me notifications to shut up or be removed. Truth to Democrats/liberals is like sunlight to vampires.

If all that means Ukraine is winning, I sure would hate to be on your team in any game.