This is how we roll in the Western World

This is how we roll in the Western World

Controlled by Democrats and globalist liberals, whenever we request legal proceedings we are denied. At the same time, these fascists use our legal system to come after us for everything they can think of.

– J6 protesters – still illegally in federal prisons with horrible treatment.

– President Trump’s requests for election examinations have been repeatedly denied, with our fascist judges telling him he has no standing.

No standing?!

If you’re running for office and you think your opponent is cheating, you have no standing to ask for an investigation?

That’s idiotic!

– And what about the last 2 years of hell Democrats have put us through? Now that the truth has come out vindicating those of us who have spoken out against the tyranny, they’re asking us for amnesty. Yeah, no joke, they’re actually saying “let’s just move on, we all made mistakes.”


  • You people have killed and injured many Americans with your fake vaccines
  • you have killed and injured many Americans by blocking actual treatments like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine
  • you have fired us, blocked and banned us and deleted our social media accounts
  • now you want to just shake hands and walk away?!

I don’t think so.

Putin certainly has the right to ask for an investigation of military bioweapons labs in Ukraine. We know they are there. Victoria Nuland admitted they are there. Tucker Carlson did an expose on the American lies about these labs.

The UN Security council had the gall to turn down Putin’s request for an investigation into the bio weapons labs. There are supposedly 13 labs in Ukraine. We should open an investigation, find where they are and shut them down!

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