America Takes Us One Step Closer To Nuclear war

America Takes Us One Step Closer To Nuclear war

Are you paying attention?

U.S. military forces are “fully prepared” to cross into Ukraine at a moment’s notice to fight a war against Russia.

“It’s not just about defending NATO territory,” Charlie D’Agata, senior foreign correspondent for CBS News, said in one report from an air base in Romania. “If the fight escalates, and NATO partners are under threat, they’re fully prepared to cross over into Ukrainian territory if ordered to do so.”

American forces are engaged in war “games” right next to Russia’s border. Yes, we are actually pretending to go to war with the country who hasn’t threatened us.

I’m astonished how many people there are in this world who don’t pay attention to important issues like this.

There is no doubt, if Russia’s back is against the wall because of American and NATO troops, Putin will use nuclear weapons. Do you blame him? We would do it too!

This Ukrainian war is not our war. Don’t pretend you feel sorry for the civilians who are under attack right now. You didn’t care when they were attacking, raping and murdering innocent Russians for the last 8 years!

People don’t care that millions of people are dying of starvation and war around the world. Those people don’t look like us, they don’t have nice houses,  electricity and cars, and they’re not part of modern society.

A great example is Haiti. Westerners have exploited the plight of Haiti for countless years. Billions of dollars have been spent on fundraisers and government efforts to “help” them, yet they are no better off today than they were 50 years ago. Just like Ukraine, the majority of the money we provide goes into the pockets of politicians and contractors.

If you don’t want to see a mushroom cloud on the horizon, I recommend you start talking about this subject with everyone you know. It doesn’t matter if you’re pro-Putin or pro-Western, be pro-life!

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