Are We Done Yet?

Are We Done Yet?

Is America and the Western World done pretending Putin is losing the war?

At first we say Putin’s back is against the wall and he’s losing the war. Now we accuse him of being brutal and escalating the war.

Which is it? Make up your minds!

America and Ukraine hit Russia with the terrorist attack on the bridge, killing three civilians. Putin launched over 100 missiles and only 11 people were killed.

America, NATO and Ukraine don’t care about killing civilians, Putin does.

The Ukrainian post office boasted they were going to print a commemorative stamp celebrating the explosion of the Russian bridge where three innocent people were killed. They printed a massive stamp so that people could pose in front of it and celebrate their victory.

American & European politicians have been using senseless wars for their money laundering schemes for many, many years. This Insanity won’t end until we vote the tyrants out of office.