It’s Time To Demand Peace In Ukraine

Think about it.

For 7 months Russia avoided attacking civilian infrastructure, allowing Ukraine to enjoy water, electricity, shopping and internet. Putin could have shut all of that down on day one, he didn’t.

Ukraine attacks civilians over and over, which they have done for the last 8 years killing over 10,000 people. Ukraine bombs villages, power plants, water treatment facilities and assassinates people.

Remember, Biden and Victoria Nuland both promised they would destroy the Russian, Crimean bridge, and they did it.

After the terrorist attack on the bridge by America and Zelensky, Putin launched 80 missiles into Ukraine. All the missiles hit their targets, which were communications and military infrastructure. Eleven people died. Yes, even one death is too many, but this just goes to show Putin is not trying to kill people if he doesn’t have to.

Yet the Western World believes Western propaganda.

Even Republicans parrot the lies told by Zelensky, one of the biggest criminals the world has ever known.

Even Republicans parrot the lies told by CNN, American celebrities and our so-called news.

America and the Western World has been pushing nuclear weapons, NATO and war closer and closer to Russia’s border. America helped overthrow a legally elected Ukrainian president in 2014 and has helped destabilize that entire region for the last 8 years.

America, the Western World and NATO have gone all in on this war. They pumped over a $100 BILLION dollars into their effort to overthrow Putin. If you want it to end, call for peace, not war.