Russia Is Not Our Enemy, Democrats Are

Russia Is Not Our Enemy, Democrats Are

Watch this video, you will learn more in 20 minutes about the war in Ukraine then you’ve ever known.

When President Trump takes over again, I pray he understands America has become a country supporting corrupt, evil leaders and Nazis in Ukraine.

Russia is defending their land and their people.

We are encroaching on their territory with nuclear weapons and soldiers.

Russia is not our enemy. They have done nothing to us. Democrats do things to us everyday. There are dozens of January 6th Patriots locked up and the DC gulag who are deprived of simple human rights.

Democrats steal elections and they use big tech to shut us down so that we don’t even have free speech anymore. The Democrat controlled news attacks Republicans everyday and circles the wagons around crooked Democrats.

I pray Americans wake up to the fact we are on the wrong side of history.