We are closer to nuclear war today than ever before

We are closer to nuclear war today than ever before

Even Doug MacGregor, former advisor to the defense secretary agrees, Western leaders are fanning the flames of NUCLEAR WAR instead of “calming tensions.”

Joe Biden and Western Nations created this war. For 8 years we supported Nazi terrorists who bombed, murdered, raped and intimidated Russian Ukrainians.

How can Americans and Western World citizens not recognize WE are now on the wrong side of history!

Until this point, Ukraine has not been an official ally of the United States. Today Zelensky submitted formal paperwork to join NATO. If this is accepted, the United States and the Western World will officially be directly at war with Russia.

Let me say that again, we are one signature away from World War III!

This means NUCLEAR BOMBS and our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers going to Europe to fight and die, just because global elitists hate Russia.


Don’t pray for Ukraine, pray for peace!