Iranian Women Have Had Enough

Iranian Women Have Had Enough

Obama had a chance to step in and help Iran when they had their Arab spring. Instead, he turned his back on them and thousands of Iranians were slaughtered.

Now, 10 years later, a new generation of Iranians is stepping forward, demanding an end to Islamic tyranny.

Women are cutting their hair and removing their hijabs in open defiance of Iran’s laws and the brutal actions of the morality police.

America is “targeting the country’s ‘morality police’ following the alleged killing last week of 22-year old Mahsa Amini.”

“The young woman from Iranian Kurdistan reportedly died due to being roughed up by police for “unsuitable attire” – or not conforming to Islamic Republic standards of a hijab. She was said to have fallen into a coma after being beaten in police custody.”

Finally, this administration is doing something to help people, not hurt them. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day!

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