Interesting parallel, the Battle of the Bulge and Ukraine’s offensive

Interesting parallel, the Battle of the Bulge and Ukraine’s offensive

Both had significant losses by the attacker, both desperate, last ditch attempts to win.

A Ukrainian soldier interviewed by The Washington Post said they are losing five men for every Russian. Obviously, not sustainable warfare.

Think about that, this man was an animal feed salesman 6 months ago, now he’s a “commander” in the Ukranian army.

Umm, what happened to the hundreds / thousands of commanders who were trained by America and Europe?! Obviously, most are dead or injured.

At this point Ukraine has lost approximately 27 brigades, at least 75,000 men.

You wouldn’t know that if you read American/Ukrainian propaganda.

General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Facebook:

“As a result of a successful operation conducted by the [Ukrainian] Defence Forces on the Kherson front, the enemy suffered significant losses among military personnel.”

Democrat controlled MSN just said:

“The Ukraine military’s stunning offensive gained momentum Monday, reclaiming several more northeastern villages and forcing the retreat of overwhelmed Russian troops from the region.”

Really? Is this war about temporarily taking insignificant territory? Ukraine is confusing a battle with the war.

In this single offensive, Ukraine has lost at least 15,000 to 20,000 soldiers. According to the Washington Post & the Ukrainian soldier, that would mean Russia has lost 4,000 soldiers at the most.

Ukraine is no longer in a defensive position, they are out in the open. They will be decimated quickly.

You have to recognize what I’ve said in the past, with Russia, this is a “special military operation,” not a war. It’s being primarily fought with DPR and LPR forces, equivalent to the National Guard of each American state. Russia has not committed war forces to Ukraine. If they did, it would be a massive slaughter!

Russia is not trying to take over Ukraine. Putin stated the objectives from the beginning. He said his goal was to remove the Nazis in Ukraine, secure Donbas and demilitarize Ukraine, while preventing them from joining with NATO.

At the moment Russia is satisfied with knocking out the power stations all over Ukraine and decimating Ukrainian forces. When this Ukrainian so-called offensive is over, Ukraine will be left with very few troops and weapons.

If you’re open to reality and want to see something that’s not Ukrainian propaganda, check out this channel.