“This is of course not a crisis that Putin has caused, but that Europe has brought on itself”

Antwerp Mayor Bart De Wever is very outspoken about their economic situation. He added:

Climate standards are not of much use if all your companies go to America and China to produce, then you are bankrupt and the climate is not yet saved. This is the green dogmatics. People should start realizing this.”

Hmm, sounds like he is talking about America too! Democrats and global liberals pushed our manufacturing overseas, making China one of the wealthiest nations in the world, while collapsing the economies of the Western World.

Ironically, their efforts created more pollution because India and China don’t have any emissions stand standards, and they are building THOUSANDS of new coal plants every year to keep up with their energy needs.

At the same time, while the Western World freezes and suffers high energy costs, we “punish” Russia with sanctions they will never feel.

The mayor had many good, real things to say about their deteriorating energy situation.

“Oil, gas and coal were no longer allowed. No investments were allowed in reserves. Germany does not have a single LNG terminal (a terminal for liquefied natural gas, ed.). The dumbest countries, Germany and Belgium, have phased out nuclear energy in parallel. We have pushed away all energy sources, making ourselves dependent on Putin. Now we hang on to it.”

Every Western nation who has listened to liberal politicians is suffering, and their people are getting tired of it. Hundreds of thousands of people are protesting in major cities everywhere.

What’s surprising to me is how long it took people to wake up!

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