This is more than a great reset, this is a Western World collapse

This is more than a great reset, this is a Western World collapse

Democrats/global liberals and RINOs are destroying the Western economies. Russia’s economy is currently the best in the world and they’re getting ready to take advantage of our stupidity.

Russia will unite with the Eastern nations, including China, India, and many, many others, to replace create a new Reserve currency behind the ruble.

Why do you think Russia and China have been buying gold?

America’s debt to GDP is 142%, Russia’s debt to GDP is 18%, the lowest of all the superpowers. You tell me which country is more stable.

When the war with Russia started, I tried to buy rubles when it was at 140. America had already blocked trading on that currency by the time I got to it. Now you can only get 60 rubles for a dollar. It’s probably still a good thing to buy, if you can get it, since it will likely become the global Reserve currency.

Inflation in America is out of control and the Democrats and their lacky media are covering it up. All the economists know we’re in big trouble.

Housing is crashing, the car market is going to collapse, and people aren’t getting paid enough to afford anything, anymore. Sure you have millionaires and billionaires, but the numbers of poor people in America are increasing exponentially while the middle class fall out of their “middle” position.

Democrats destroyed working class America years ago by imposing psychotic regulations on businesses, forcing them to move overseas. Now they’re finishing the job with whatever businesses managed to survive with all of their CRT and anti-white racist crap.

Democrats flooded America with tens of millions of illegals over such a short period of time, they’ve had to add countless billions of dollars to our debt to pay for it.

We allowed Democrats and RINO Republicans to run America into the ground. The last time we had anyone close to a conservative who believed in rational fiscal policies was Ronald Reagan. And he wasn’t that great either!

As Democrats and Global liberals pursue their war on fictitious climate change they are helping destroy our economies. China, India and other Eastern Nations are building thousands of coal and nuclear plants to provide them with cheap energy, while our Western leaders build expensive, unreliable and nature destroying wind and solar farms.

There is enough oil and natural gas to last hundreds of years, and nuclear power can last forever. Yet the Western fascists won’t have it. Their friends don’t work in those industries, so they won’t profit from it.

Instead of paying attention to real patterns, like sunspots, planetary alignments, volcanoes, cosmic rays and the flow of our global jet stream, Democrats just make s*** up.

Democrats said the oceans would rise by a hundred feet by now. They didn’t.

They said the ice would all be gone at Glacier National Park by now. It isn’t.

They said our children wouldn’t know what snow is by now. They still have snowball fights in winter.

They said oceanfront property would be underwater by now. Obama Gates and everyone else bought ocean front property.

Democrats and global liberals ignored the global weather patterns. Now we are experiencing difficulties with growing food. There isn’t water where there normally is water and summers are getting shorter, reducing our growing season. Of course they will blame this on climate change / global warming, but what they won’t tell you is that the Earth’s temperature is about the same as it was 40 years ago.

California and the West Coast has had patterns of going into extended periods of heat and drought going back thousands of years. Instead of appropriately dealing with this reality, they decided instead to use it to help support their global warming agenda.

Democrats and RINOs should have started building desalinization plants and thought about providing water for the West Coast 20 years ago.

Now, it’s too late.

We are heading into an ice age, not a period of global warming. It’s time to prepare for cold, not heat.

Food shortages are going to get extreme and millions of people will starve. During the Great Depression 95% of Americans could grow their own food. Today, we’d be lucky if 5% of Americans could do so. What’s coming could make the Great Depression look like a picnic.

This recession is real. I believe we will most likely slide into a depression. America is financially sick, and the only way to heal us is for the FED to jack up interest rates so high that it shuts everything down for 5 to 10 years.

The problem is, every time they even hint that they’re going to increase our interest rates, the stock market crashes and they tell the politicians to stop!

The politicians then coordinate with the compliant media and they put more lipstick on the pig to kick the can down the road for a little bit longer.

What’s going to happen with this collapse? Once again, like clockwork, the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer. Rich people will buy houses and property for pennies on the dollar as people foreclose, and then they will laugh all the way to the bank.

This is a collapse unlike any other that we’ve experienced since 1929. The reason this will be so much harder to come out of this time is because for too many years, corrupt politicians wouldn’t allow corporations to go out of business because they were “too big to fail.” That meant that many corrupt and bad businesses were allowed to continue even though they should have gone broke and closed shop.

In 1987, when the stock market should have crashed like it did in 1929, rich people stepped in and stopped it from happening. Ever since then, America has become one of the most corrupt countries in the world with politicians and businesses working together to make themselves richer.

The Democrat mantra is “never let a crisis go to waste.” When the pandemic kicked in they went into full exploitation mode. They didn’t care that Western nations were already on the brink of complete collapse, they went for business shutdowns, mask and vaccine mandates and they shut down travel. That was the tipping point.

Out of fear, almost all of the citizens of the Western World embraced tyrannical and fascist leaders. People who disagreed with the Democrats/global liberals and RINOs lost their jobs, social media and anything else that the global fascists could take away from them.

Democrats shut down investigations into the origin of COVID-19, though many researchers have already proven it came from Wuhan, China from an American biolab.

Think about that, this was an American created virus that was intentionally released on the world. It looks like Democrats/global tyrants were tired of waiting for crises to come to them, they decided to create a crisis.

They pursued an illegal attack on President Trump and it continues to this day. They blatantly stole the 2020 election and got away with it.

Hundreds of Americans were illegally arrested just for walking into the Capitol building. Many of them are still in jail to this day, forced to accept bad plea bargains because they are threatened with extensive Federal prison time.

Remember, the only people who were killed that day were Republicans.

Remember, the only way anyone could have gotten in to our Capitol building is if the magnetic doors were open from the inside.

Remember, Capital police officers not only open the doors, they waved people into the building and took selfies with them.

Remember, we know there was a pipe bomber that day at the Capitol who wasn’t successful in detonating his bomb. We know he was a Democrat collaborator because Democrats and the FBI are blocking all information about him and there is no effort to arrest him.

People are finally getting sick and tired of this global tyranny and they’re starting to rise up. I pray it’s not too late.

Unfortunately, I think Western economies are done for. It’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better, and it’s very possible Western tyrants will start a war to try to distract people. They need a boogeyman, and it looks like they picked Putin and China.

My advice? Retreat to real Republican states, ones that are controlled by conservatives, not RINOs.

Or move to Russia.

It’s time for the 21st Century Great Awakening. People are waking up to the lies and tyranny in the New World Order.

21st Century Great Awakening

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