Global Tyrants Won’t Allow This To End

Global Tyrants Won’t Allow This To End

How does the world not recognize the Tyranny and fascism that’s happening under liberal/Democrat rule?

Democrats / Global liberals are using covid to achieve power and impose tyranny. Forced mandates and vaccines are just part of the equation. The global tyrants use the vaccine papers/apps to make sure we are obeying them and to keep track of us.

Like Hitler, the global tyrants are taking away our guns so that when people finally wake up to what’s happening to them, they won’t be able to defend themselves.

These tyrants demonize us, ridicule us, shame us and cancel us if we correctly compare them to Nazis, people who used the same tactics against Jewish people and other people who disagreed with them.

For over 2 years, every time it looked like it was time to move on with life, the Democrats/global tyrants made up another crisis. Another variant, then another variant, monkeypox and now another covid variant. These people will never let it end unless we say it’s time for it to end.

For millions of people who aren’t paying attention and don’t know, monkeypox primarily infects homosexual people. It requires close intimate contact with a significant number of sexual partners. Statistics show 95% of the infections are in the homosexual community.

Does this remind you of anything?

This is exactly what the Democrats / global liberals did to us in the 1980s. They told us AIDS would infect the entire world and they got global funding, billion$ of dollar$, for life, to battle a disease that almost always affects homosexuals.

There are people in this world who live and breathe power and control. Compassion and love are only reserved for family and close friends. Everyone else is just a sheep who must be controlled.

If we dare speak out against them in social media platforms they delete our posts or our accounts, wiping us away forever from the public eye.

Why does this kind of history repeat itself so easily? We think we would see this kind of evil coming at us like a truck at night with the headlights on. This isn’t true, it sneaks up on us as stealthy as a fox. By the time many people are aware, the jaws are already on their throats.

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