Joe Biden challenges Americans on the Second Amendment

Joe Biden and the fascists ask “what chance do you stand against tanks, helicopters and the firepower of the Army?”

For him to ask that question should stiffen the resolve of anyone who knows we need to defend the Second Amendment.

Also, ask Afghanistan, the country we just surrendered to, people who live in the desert with no technology.

The so-called “towel heads” killed and injured thousands of our brave men and women and they had us hiding on our bases for 20 years.

Not only did we run with our tail between our legs, we gave them 80+ billion dollars worth of our thanks, helicopters and advanced weaponry.

Let’s not forget Iraq. Years of war with tanks, helicopters and advanced weaponry and yet another country we had to walk away from.

A lot of good that did.

How about Vietnam? Over 50,000 American dead soldiers and hundreds of thousands of wounded. All by a people who fought in their “pajamas.” How did we lose? We had tanks, helicopters and advanced weaponry!

Shall I go on?

Joe fascist, it’s not up for you to decide whether or not our Constitution will work for us, it’s up to you, a servant of the American people, to decide how to defend the Constitution.

You took an oath, one that demands you obey and protect the Constitution, not change it to strengthen your agenda.