Invasion Complete

We didn’t succeed in blocking our domestic enemies, but the Democrats have succeeded in feeling America with tens of millions of illegal aliens.

It’s time for Americans to have a divorce. It’s time to split this country. Democrats will take their states, Republicans will take theirs. If States want to switch, that’s up to them.

Democrats control almost every Federal Department including the CIA, FBI, SEC, IRS and Department of justice. This has to stop. Each party will be allowed to pick their representatives so that each federal department is made up equally of representatives from both parties.

If Democrats want to fill up their states with illegal aliens, so be it. After our national divorce, I bet $1,000 they will put up walls at their borders.

Gangs are handing out wristbands at our border to make it easier for them to manage illegals pouring into America. Democrats, you can have them!

Gateway Pundit article