The Devil Is Taking Over America and Democrat-controlled Cities

The Devil Is Taking Over America and Democrat-controlled Cities

In just the latest example of Satan spreading his wings, on a New York subway, a woman is terrorized and no one comes to her defense.

The woman is obviously in anguish and is whimpering, pleading for someone to help her. A subway car full of people ignores her.

Is this the kind of city or state you want to live in? America is being divided, quickly.

You need to decide, do you want to live in hell? If your state is solid Democrat or becoming Democrat, you probably need to pack your bags.

This November is a critical election. Yes, I know, we say that for almost all elections, and it’s true much of the time. We have to keep an eye on who is controlling our states.

If the Democrats have almost completely taken over your state by securing the Supreme Court, the government, the justice system, senators, congressman and governor, it’s time to leave.

The United States of America no longer exists. The differences between the parties are extreme and there’s no chance of compatibility. Somehow we have to figure out how to share Federal power.

From what we have experienced lately, that’s going to be difficult. Democrats call anyone who disagrees with them insurrectionist, racists, terrorists and seditionists. They use our federal and state governments to investigate and lock us up illegally.

January 6th protesters are illegally being held in the DC gulag to this day in deplorable conditions. Hundreds of thousands of American citizens went to Washington DC to protest the theft of the 2020 election. It is our right as Americans to challenge elections yet Democrats call us insurrectionist for doing so.

Antifa broke into the Capitol building, and you have to assume Democrat politicians and the democrat-controlled Capitol police were in on it. Just watch the following video that a large group of antifa thugs breaking into the Capitol before everything kicked off.


Democrats fabricated the attack on the Capitol, attacking us with flashbang grenades and tear gas while opening the doors to the Capitol building, waving us in the building, while pretending we attacked the building and broke in. Unfortunately there are too many low information citizens of the world who believed the Democrat propaganda.

Everyday Democrats lie and say Republicans attacked and killed Capitol police officers. The only people killed that day were Roseanne Boyland and Ashli Babbitt.

Ashli was shot in the face by a cowardly police officer who didn’t even give her a warning. She was unarmed. There was no investigation of the officer and the cowardly Republicans and Democrats said he acted honorably defending them.

Roseanne was beaten to death by police officers. People were screaming for them to stop yet they didn’t. They beat her even after she was dead. The official ruling of her death made it seem like she overdosed on drugs. These kinds of things only happen in a fascist country.

The following video shows the police officers beating Roseanne with her lying on the ground.


Democrats make up criminal charges and make our lives difficult. They use cancel culture propaganda to shut down our bank accounts, get us fired from our jobs, give us lower grades in school, get us kicked out of school or block us from entering and more.

Democrats destroyed our economy, forced us and our children to take dangerous and deadly vaccines for a virus that’s no more dangerous than the flu.

Democrats forced us and our children to wear masks, which harmed our health, and they threatened our livelihoods and our existence.

This isn’t hyperbole, Democrats are already doing these things to us.

The devil is taking over America and our cities. We’ve already lost the federal government and all of our agencies, including the CIA, FBI, Department of Justice, IRS, CDC, SEC and any other department you can think of. These people no longer represent or defend the rights of American citizens, they work on behalf of Democrats.

Biden and the Democrats now refer to those of us who disagree with them as MAGA or ultra MAGA insurrectionists.

The Huffington Post wrote a propaganda piece using those terms and telling lies about what happened that day. They wrote:

“On Wednesday, a crowd of white supporters of President Donald Trump livestreamed a fascist insurrection.”


“But even with all the warning and time to prepare, the Capitol Police were overrun. At times, and disturbingly so, some even appeared to be accommodating. Livestreams showed cops shaking hands and posing for selfies with these MAGA insurrectionists.”

This is such idiotic propaganda, yet they get away with it because Democrats control all the media, including Fox News.

If Republicans wanted to stage an insurrection, we would succeed. Lucky for Democrats, Republicans aren’t criminals, we are law abiding citizens who don’t do the kinds of things Democrats do every day. As a matter of fact, we even pick up all the trash at our protests!


If you don’t have eyes to see and ears to hear what has been happening in America for the last 14 years, you deserve your fate under the tyrannical, Democrat boots.

The following video shows the poor woman being terrorized by one of the Democrat demons. Nobody offers to help.

Sky News Video