Will You Be Prepared?

Will You Be Prepared?

We’re coming up on the greatest shortage of food in the history of mankind.

No, it’s not global warming, it’s global cooling!

The problems we’re having in North America combined with the Russia / Ukraine war means there will be major food production and distribution problems.

Prices will skyrocket and millions of people will die. This will affect the poorer countries first since the wealthy Nations will hoard their food out of necessity.

We’re coming up on The perfect storm of an event the world has never experienced, an everything bubble. War, oil, gas, water, political instability, disease, weather, supply chain problems, global financial instability, housing problems, car problems, lack of computer chips … Everything!

As if those problems aren’t bad enough, liberals/Democrats around the world are trying to get rid of meat. They want us to eat cockroaches and locusts. They’re using fictitious diseases to cull millions of chickens, while some parts of the world are stopping farmers from raising cattle.

China has had such major problems with swine flu they’ve been killing off all their pigs, forcing them to buy America’s pigs, which won’t leave any for us.

Obviously it doesn’t have to be one massive bubble that pops, this could be 20 small bubbles inside a big bubble. Each one popping on its own.

Are you prepared?