Dementia Joe The Grifter

Joe Biden is the biggest grifter in human history, and he has turned Americans into the biggest suckers in human history.

Dementia Joe, RINO, traitor Republicans and #crookedDemocrats have just stolen another $40 billion dollars from hard-working Americans.

How could we have not learned from Hunter Biden’s laptop? It’s obvious Hunter was the go between guy, Joe was the connection to the White House and Barack Obama helped siphon American dollars into the pockets of political crooks in Ukraine and America.

If dementia Joe is the biggest grifter in American history, Ukraine is the biggest scam.

Ukraine was filled with Nazis during World War II and they’re filled with Nazis now. The Nazi influence is so powerful, anyone who has political aspirations has to look to these evil people for support.

For anyone who thinks I get carried away with the Nazi thing, just look to the Ukrainian Asov Battalion. THE ONLY Nazi Battalion since World War II. They still exist in Ukraine!

We are the closest to global, thermonuclear war than we ever have been in history. The Cuban Missile Crisis is nothing more than a hangnail compared to what’s going on right now!

Joe biden, Nancy Pelosi, many Republicans and European nations are declaring the necessity to remove Putin from power.


I never thought I’d hear so many psychotic leaders saying such insane things!

These people are blind with greed. The arms industry is a massive profit machine and there’s plenty of money to go around, just like the pharmaceutical industry.

Sound familiar?

Yeah, we’ve just been through 2 years of being manipulated by the Democrats and the pharmaceutical industry, and without missing a beat, they stepped into World War III.

Yes, I know, President Trump stepped into that pharmaceutical grifter cow pie as well, except I don’t think he made money off it. Let’s all pray that he wakes up, soon!

Wayne Root was the guest speaker on the Alex Jones Show today. Click here to watch it on Bitchute. Wayne says a lot of what I’ve been saying for years. Start in at 2:17:18.

The Gateway Pundit article on the 40 billion grift.

It’s time for the 21st Century Great Awakening. People are waking up to the lies and tyranny in the New World Order.

21st Century Great Awakening

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