Modern Nazis in Ukraine have been ignored almost as long as they were ignored in Germany

During Russia’s victory Day parade today, Deutsche Welle put up this graphic:

That’s funny, DW ran many stories and produced countless videos about the Nazis in Ukraine. Now they pretend they don’t exist?

Germany committed countless atrocities against Jews in many countries. In Ukraine, they didn’t need the German army to do it, Ukraine murdered 10s of thousands of Jewish people all on their own, which is why 70% of the Jewish population ran away to Israel after the war.

“In 1959 Ukraine had 840,000 Jews, a decrease of almost 70% from 1941 totals (within Ukraine’s current borders). Post-1991 and the collapse of the Soviet Union, the majority of the Jews who remained in Ukraine in 1989 left the country migrating to Israel but Zelensky abandoned Judaism and remained. Antisemitic graffiti and violence against Jews had remained a problem in Ukraine.”

Ukraine has raped, intimidated, attacked and murdered over 13, 000 Russian Ukrainians in the last 8 years. The Asov Battalion continues to function as the only Nazi Battalion in the world!

“The  Jewish community of Mariupol in Ukraine dates to the mid-19th century. The roughly 10,000 Jews were living in the city in 1941 and were nearly exterminated by the Ukrainian Nazis. Many of the Ukrainian Jews who did not move to Israel, moved to the Donbas where Russians were never part of the Holocaust. Zelensky’s civil war against the Donbas has led to at least 1.4 million Donbas residents being displaced, and at least 75,000 fled to Russia.”

The Times Of Israel exposes Zelensky for the Nazi-supporting Jew that he is.

Zelensky proudly gave military awards to Nazis.

Zelensky embraced open Nazis to get elected and stay in power.

Zelensky said being Jewish is NOT in his top 20 most important things.

Zelensky is a Christian and married a Christian. That’s great, just don’t brag about being this pious Jewish person, when you could care less for the religion and their people.

Times of Israel article

DW video on female Nazis in the Ukrainian Asov Battalion