Please read this extremely important article

Stolen America

As I said before, I no longer call us the United States. We are far from it.

Posts that are exposing 2020 election fraud are being removed and blocked. I hope that by having written this on my own website with the words please read this extremely important article, it will get through to people. Share it the same way.

The worst thing that has happened to America since our founding is the 2020 stolen election. It should open the eyes of all Americans that if it happened then, was that the only time?

Democrats control 99% of the information in america. They block our social media posts and manipulate our algorithms so that Republicans/conservatives get less traffic with our videos and posts.

Democrats control the justice department, CIA, FBI, IRS and every other Federal alphabet agency. Don’t you think it’s strange that in America, Democrats commit no crimes, while Republicans are accused of being insurrectionists and terrorists just for existing.

Democrats have made questioning elections a crime if you are a Republican or Independent. Marjorie Taylor Green was almost blocked from running for office just because she asked questions.

Hillary Clinton still whines about the 2016 election, 6 years later. Stacy Abrams still says the election was taken away from her. Democrats can question elections all they want while Republicans are accused of being criminals for doing the same thing!

If we don’t vote these anti-American Democrats out of office, the only way America will survive is if we completely divide.

Everyone needs to see the 2000 Mules movie. Election fraud is completely exposed. Unless things change right now, this is the end of the United States.