We’re Rushing Full Speed Toward World War III

We’re Rushing Full Speed Toward World War III

If you want to stop this coming world war, stop saying “pray for Ukraine.”

Everytime you say that you are encouraging Joe Biden and the global war mongers to send Ukraine more weapons.

Our American Secretary of State and our Defense Secretary flew to Ukraine, not to discuss peace. No, instead they met with Zelensky to discuss how America and the Western World were going to help Ukraine beat Russia militarily.

The nutjob Blinkin said:

“We don’t know how the rest of this war will unfold, but we do know that a sovereign independent Ukraine will be around a lot longer than Vladimir Putin’s on the scene. And our support for Ukraine going forward will continue. It will continue until we see final success.”

Yeah, “final success.” These psychotic American and Western warmongers actually believe going to war with Russia is the way to solve the civil war with Ukraine.

Poland is sending tanks, Germany is sending heavy weapons, America is sending cash and war machines.

I just don’t understand how citizens of the world can be this stupid.

1) Ukraine is not our Ally and they are not a member of NATO.
2) We built dozens of bio-weapons labs in Ukraine, right on the border with Russia!
3) (broken record, I know) Ukraine has the only Nazi battalion in the world. These soldiers have been brutalizing, intimidating, raping and murdering Russian and Ukrainian civilians on the border for 8 years.
4) America and the Western world have been supplying Ukraine with advanced weaponry and they have been pushing closer and closer to Russia’s border.

This is all about money and power. America and the Western Nations are allowing greed to cloud their judgment. They actually believe there will be no consequences if they use Ukraine as a proxy country to fight against Russia.

Doesn’t this sound familiar? Yes, this is exactly what we did with Afghanistan!

Our leaders are more like children than adults. Will the peace-loving people of the world wake up to this insanity, or is the steady march toward World War III and global destruction going to continue?

Demand peace, not war. Don’t pray for Ukraine, pray for peace!