Nuclear war is discussed every day yet people still “pray for Ukraine”

People, wake up. Ukraine is not an ally of the United States or Europe. They are not even a member of NATO. What gives them the special status that we are sending tens of billions of dollars in weapons and money to these corrupt politicians and the evil, Nazi, Asov battalion?

You do realize nuclear weapons are being discussed multiple times a day right now, don’t you? Doesn’t that phase you at all? Do you really think it would be a little NUCLEAR WAR?

Can you be just a little bit pregnant?

No one questions Joe and Hunter Biden’s relationships with Ukraine, where they made millions of dollars? Are you that naive?

Of course the global war machines in Europe and America are in charge. They are celebrating because they are now selling more weapons than ever before. They’re swimming in blood money, having the time of their lives because people are too busy “praying for Ukraine.”

How about praying for the world? If you continue supporting the military machine who just wants more war money, this could easily spin out of control into global annihilation. Unfortunately, that’s not exaggeration!

Conservatives, Independents and Republicans, once again I remind you, you are holding hands with George soros, the Democrat-controlled media, Nazis, Joe biden, Nancy Pelosi and all the rest of the insane, Democrat nut jobs.

I pray you pause for just one minute and think about that.