So now we “should be preparing for nuclear war with Russia?”

So now we “should be preparing for nuclear war with Russia?”

The nutjob Zelenskyy “is warning that ‘all of the countries of the world’ should begin preparing for nuclear war with Russia.”

Do the people of the world realize the man in control of Ukraine is more dangerous than the man in control of Russia?

We should not be sending Ukraine billions of dollars of weapons, we should be negotiating peace. Democrats are now gleefully talking about the possibility of this war lasting for years. The War machine and the Democrat and Republican politicians who profit from this are very happy.

If you think Russia will sit back and allow this war to escalate you are out of your minds! Western nations are already sending in advanced military equipment like helicopters, heavy artillery, tanks, tank destroyers and anti-aircraft systems. Very soon this will include jets and more.

Russia has not been hitting Ukraine with everything possible. They’ve been holding back so they don’t harm as many civilians. This will change when Ukraine becomes loaded for bear.

Right now, Putin is looking at NATO as the enemy they might have to fight soon, not just Ukraine. This war will easily escalate.

How can so many people not recognize the Western world is controlled by Democrat/liberal nut jobs who don’t have our best interests at heart?

Western nations are not interested in peace. The only way we will get peace is if we demand peace and if we stop growling for more war.