It’s only a conspiracy if it isn’t true

Maria Bartiromo exposed how the Democrat Chris Wallace manipulated the presidential debates, favoring feeble Joe Biden. Remember, the Fox News station is owned by a billionaire Democrat.

There is no doubt, if the Democrat-controlled:

– News
– Presidential debates
– Justice system
– Social media
– Entertainment media
– Polling stations
– Police
– K-12 Schools & Universities
– Comedians
– World Health Organization
– Unions
– CDC, FEC & all the other alphabet government entities

..hadn’t protected Joe Biden and if they hadn’t attacked President Trump, feeble Joe would not be sitting in the white house right now.

While Republicans and Independents have been hard at work, Democrats have taken control of everything you don’t vote for in America. Democrats have taken control of the extremely important things in society that have a direct impact on our lives.

The final piece of this coup was to take control of our United States military. Even with all of the manipulation by all of those Democrat-controlled entities, most soldiers typically vote Republican. By taking over the Pentagon, Democrats control what our soldiers do, regardless of how they vote.