Food Shortages Are Guaranteed In 2022 And Beyond

Because the world is cooling, not warming, and because of the insane lockdowns over 2 YEARS and because of the war, this year, the world will experience food shortages like no one alive has ever seen.

Friends, get prepared. It will start with the poor countries. Africa, India and others will suffer greatly as they don’t have the ability to grow enough food.

Millions of people will starve.

Even though the Western Nations won’t die from starvation, our prices will rise significantly, even more than they already have. Shrinkflation will become more common.

An employee at the store yesterday grabbed a chocolate bar from the temptation section of the checkout and said “Ooo, look, smaller, more convenient chocolate bars.” Adding “This is great, I can’t eat all of the big ones anyway.”

I laughed and said, look at the price, it actually costs a little bit more than the big ones used to cost, and they made the chocolate bar smaller. That’s called shrinkflation and inflation. It’s a double whammy.

After standing there looking at the chocolate bar for a few seconds, processing what I told her, she said “Well that’s not good!”

In america, we are not paying high prices on energy because of the war. Joe Biden needlessly drove up the price of gasoline, natural gas and heating oil because of his war on co2.

Before Biden took over the office, Trump made America America energy independent. Even after Obama trashed the country for 8 years, in 4 years President Trump still managed to make America no longer dependent on foreign energy.

Thanks to Joe Biden we are once again energy beggars.

Because of this, the price of everything is going to skyrocket,. There is currently a temporary reprieve with gas prices. Temporary.

Under Joe Biden the world has fallen into complete chaos, and it’s going to get a lot worse.

China can see the weakness of America in Biden’s feeble hands and they just might use this opportunity to take over Taiwan.

There are things that have happened, there are things that might happen and there are things that are guaranteed to happen. The one thing that’s guaranteed to happen is that millions of people will starve this year.

Be prepared, not afraid.

To learn more about the weather and food, check out David DuByne’s channel on youtube.