Why Are The United States and NATO Pushing For A Nuclear War With Russia?

Conservatives and Independents, think about it, if you support this war against Russia, you are allies with Kinzinger, Soros, McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Joe biden, Kamala Harris, and the Democrat-controlled media.

Is this an “enemy of my enemy is my friend” situation? Does that seem logical to you?

Once again we’ve been duped by warmongers. First it was Vietnam, then Iraq, followed by Afghanistan and Syria and now Russia. Will we ever learn?

How can people be so ignorant about world affairs? I understand the Democrat-controlled media manipulates us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but we all have our own brains. We have the ability to think for ourselves. It’s as if we don’t understand that 2 + 2 = 4.

Oliver Stone interviewed Putin between 2015 and 2017. The following are some of the main points Putin made in those interviews:

“One: that the U.S. needs an external enemy (“I know that, I feel that.”).

Two: the U.S.A. engineered the coup d’état in the Ukraine on Russia’s border.

Three: the U.S. has surrounded Russia with US/NATO troops and bases armed with anti-ballistic missiles that can, as Putin rightly says to Stone, be converted in hours to regular offensive nuclear missile aimed at Russia. This is a factual and true statement that should make any fair-minded person stand up in horror. If Russia had such missiles encircling the United States from Cuba, Mexico, and Canada, what American would find it tolerable? What would CNN and The New York Times have to say? Yet these same people readily find it impossible to see the legitimacy in Russia’s position, resorting to name calling and illogical rhetoric.

Russia is surrounded with U.S/NATO troops and missiles and yet Russia is the aggressor.”


This situation goes back many, many years. The United States and NATO have never been happy, even after 1989 and the fall of the Berlin wall and the breakup of the Soviet Union.

George Soros and the warmongers have been manipulating global “history” for too long. This evil man puts billions of dollars into overthrowing governments. He did it in the Ukraine and he’s doing it in the United states.

Chris Kanthan from the left-wing Nation Of Change wrote in 2018:

“Many people roll their eyes when they hear “George Soros” and think of conspiracy theories. But Soros’ own group – IRF or International Renaissance Foundation – admits in its 2015 annual report that it has spent more than $180 MILLION in Ukraine since 1990.”



“If you go back in history, you will see that the CIA worked with Neo-Nazis(!!) and ultra-nationalists in Ukraine for decades, starting right after World War II. Declassified CIA documents describe Project Aerodynamic in the 1950s and ’60s that recruited Ukrainian nationalists – including Nazis and war criminals such as Mykola Lebed who was accused of killing tens of thousands of Poles and Jews – to work against the USSR.”


What about the protests in Ukraine?

“In 2013, Soros, NED and other NGO’s riled up some ordinary people in Kyiv. (BTW, outside Kiev, there were no protests. In many parts of Ukraine, people are very pro-Russia and were happy with President Yanukovych).

Then Neo-Nazi thugs acted as provocateurs and attacked the police with metals, chains, fire-bombs, guns and grenades.”

You would think that article was written by a conservative. It just goes to show that like a stopped clock, it’s possible even Democrats can be right twice a day.

It’s safe to say our children have no idea what is really happening in the world. They have been completely misled with world history and politics. Unfortunately, this is also the reality with most adults in America.

January 6th is another fabrication of George Soros and the globalists. They not only accused Republicans of being terrorists and insurrectionists, they arrested hundreds of us and are illegally imprisoning us for non-violent crimes that even they have committed without any repercussions.

January 6th was the American Reichstag, a false flag event meant to drive anti-Republican sentiment. Soros and the globalists did the same in Syria, Libya and Ukraine.

“In a secretly recorded phone call in 2014, Estonia’s foreign minister revealed three shocking facts about the Maidan murders:

  • Same sniper bullets killed both the cops and the protesters
  • The investigators strongly believed that the new coalition was behind the snipers (by “new coalition,” he means the new government installed by the U.S.).
  • The new government refused to look into the matter.

(Here’s the link to an excerpt from the phone call).

Couple of years later, in an Italian documentary called “The Hidden Truth About Ukraine,” some men from the Republic of Georgia came forward and admitted that they were used as snipers in Kiev. As I describe in details in my book, similar sniper attacks were used in Libya and Syria as well to foment regime changes.”

Why are the United States and NATO pushing for a nuclear war with Russia? This is probably a part of the Great Reset. For many, many years globalists have been talking about the need to reduce the population of the Earth. They believe the Earth is a living being named Gaia, and that human beings are parasites who are hurting “her.”

Of course that’s just speculation.

That may not be the exact reason for why they are pushing for war, but we know they are depopulating the Earth. The number one cause of death in the world is abortion, 42.7 million people murdered last year. Globalists have destroyed the family structure, with most Western Nations now in a serious population decline.

If rational people don’t step forward to provide a solution to this current war, it seems like nuclear war is inevitable.

I just don’t understand why intelligent people refuse to sit down at the negotiation table and work out their differences.

For over 30 years the United States and Western Nations have been pushing for war with Russia. They finally got it.

Call, write and email your representatives and ask them to stop supporting this war. Tell them we don’t need more weapons in the Eastern Bloc, we need more negotiators!

It’s time for the 21st Century Great Awakening. People are waking up to the lies and tyranny in the New World Order.

21st Century Great Awakening

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