Do You Really Know What Is Happening In Ukraine?

Conservatives in America and the Western world, think about this. George Soros, the Democrat controlled media and Democrat / RINO politicians are pushing for war with Russia. Can you ever think of a time in history where you agreed with George Soros, the Democrat controlled media and Democrat / RINO politicians?


So why now?

Remember, Hunter Biden was illegally doing business with Ukrainian business partners. He funneled millions of dollars to daddy Joe Biden and himself. Biden even admitted he got the Ukrainian president to force the prosecutor to drop his investigation of Hunter Biden.

Once again, Fox News and CNN are broadcasting the same information, pushing us to go to war.

Red flags should be going off everywhere.

Watch this video and learn more about something you probably know little about. The mess in the Eastern Bloc is way beyond anything most people can understand.

Democrat and RINO warmongers have been pushing war on us for so many years, we no longer know what peace looks like!

How many years have Democrats and RINOs been pushing the lies of a Russian conspiracy with President Trump? At least six. They paint Russia as our enemy, aligning themselves with people they can get money from. Meanwhile, now, Russia is lining up with China since America and the Western Nations are treating them like Nazis.

Sound familiar?

What have Democrats and Western Nations done to conservatives all over the world? Anyone who is to the right of center or disagrees with them on anything, we are ostracized, fired from our jobs and stopped from progressing. They give us lower grades in school, they block organ transplants to us, they shut down anything Christian, they shut down our social media accounts and wipe all our data, they force us into lockdowns, they arrest and beat us for participating in actual peaceful protests, they force their experimental shots on us, they force these things on our children, our bank accounts are closed by them and so on.

No, it isn’t Russia doing all this to us, the people doing this to us are the Democrats/liberals in the Western Nations!

Democrats/liberals have overused the word Nazi so much, people can’t recognize Nazi behavior when they see or experience it.

Please watch this video and ask yourself this question, why should we get involved in these horrible messes over and over? People on both sides are committing crimes against humanity over there.

At the moment, it’s obvious the Russian army is trying to avoid killing civilians.

How do you know which side to join? Why are we on the brink of nuclear war in an area that nobody understands?