The Crimes Of November 3rd

While Democrats push lies about the fake January 6th insurrection, #crookedDemocrats continue to block all news about the stolen 2020 presidential election. The majority of people in America know the election was stolen, and more evidence comes out every day proving it.

The Gateway Pundit hasn’t given up on this criminal takeover of the United States.

“An estimated 2 million original ballot images from the 2020 Election were destroyed illegally in Georgia since the election.  This is illegal and yet no one has been arrested or held accountable.”


“Back in November, 2021, VoterGA, an election integrity group based in Georgia, reported that 74 counties in Georgia couldn’t produce their original 2020 Election ballot images.  At the time we reported this President Trump asked why Georgia officials allowed this to happen since it’s clearly against the law?”

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