New World Order – Austria

New World Order – Austria is the first country in the world to FORCE the unvaccinated to remove themselves from society. Unless you obey and get the vaccine, you have no rights!

Gestapo vaccine police will be patrolling the country.

Why have Third World countries opened up completely? Africa and India have the lowest vaccination rates in the world, yet they have no mask mandates, no social distancing, no extreme hospitalizations of infected people and low COVID death rates.

Global liberals/Democrats/fascists are being paid off by big pharma to push expensive vaccines and expensive treatments. They are blocking inexpensive treatments, which prior to the COVID outbreak, were available to anyone for low cost.

How many thousands of Americans have died because Democrats forced expensive, ineffective treatments on them. Over 20,000 people have already been murdered by the vaccine. That’s TEN TIMES MORE THAN ALL OF THE VACCINES OVER THE LAST 40 YEARS, COMBINED!

Millions of people around the world have experienced negative reactions to the vaccines, many of them severe and debilitating.

Vaccines are being forced on our children, even though there is extensive proof they aren’t dying from covid, and they are more likely to be harmed by the vaccine!

Democrats/liberals don’t care about us. They only care about the almighty dollar. Remember, Democrats are working hard to remove Jesus Christ from our schools, from our TV shows, our movies and from all public places, even though our Founding Fathers didn’t write one single word about “separation of church and state” in our Constitution.

The God of the Democrats and global liberals is Gaia, also known as Mother Earth. They are stealing countless BILLIONS of our taxpayer dollars to “save the earth,” not people. Don’t listen to me, listen to them. They are telling you what they are doing!