Americans Are Turning Against Forced Vaccinations, Even Giving Up Military Retirement

Two years away from retirement, Army Lt. Col. Paul D. Hague, Jr. basically tells Biden to shove his vaccine mandate where the sun doesn’t shine.

“I am incapable of subjecting myself to the unlawful, unethical, immoral, and tyrannical order to sit still and allow a serum to be injected into my flesh against my will and better judgment.”

Nurses, doctors, soldiers and workers all across America are deciding that tyranny has no place in this great country.

I believe the “silent majority” is finally waking up. Hopefully it’s not too late!

“Hague’s wife, Katie Phipps Hague, told Breitbart News in an interview this week that her husband is not anti-vaccine and that he has received previous vaccines mandated by the Army.

However, she said, he opposes the administration’s mandate of a fairly new vaccine forced on service members and non-government employees such as their daughter, who is a nurse at a private hospital that receives Medicare patients and is thus subject to the mandate.”

Remember, Joe Biden, Jen Psaki, Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats all said the vaccine mandate was out of the question. It’s obvious big Pharma wants to keep their money train going, and they told the tyrants to write the checks!

The term #Pureblood is trending for a reason. Imagine if Democrats do this with every sickness. What if they force us to take big Pharma medication for the common cold!?

it’s time for another Great Awakening. It’s time for the 21st-century Great Awakening!